Purple Coming In: Vincent Miranda

Purple Coming In explores the role that Actavis plays within youth and minority culture, juxtaposing it with the traditional constructs and whiteness of the gallery space. The purple syrup is a cough medicine made with promethazine and codeine, and was produced by the pharmaceutical company Actavis until it was discontinued in 2014. Becoming difficult and expensive to purchase on the street, it came to represent status, wealth, and indulgence among young rappers and their fans. Trends in minority groups are seldom afforded mainstream publicity, but they impact the institutions, art, and media which influence white audiences, which means that white audiences are often exposed to trends in minority culture before interacting with or recognizing the people who compose it.

Vincent Miranda is a South Florida-based sculptor, working primarily with fibers, resins, and industrial materials. His urban Ft. Lauderdale upbringing has become the foundation of his sculptures and installations, which often discuss the drug use, fashion, and other things used to measure whether or not a person has “made it”. Miranda received his BFA from Florida Atlantic University in 2014 and will be pursuing his MFA at California College of the Arts starting in Fall of 2017.