November 2018 - December 2018
Guest Curated by Beth Sheehan

The In Between: Book and Body employs expanded book forms to consider the spaces separating body, experience, and self. Within the work of Golnar Adili, Milcah Bassel, Sue Carrie Drummond, Ingrid Schindall, and Cynthia Nourse Thompson the struggle between cognizance and the physical plays out. This universal understanding of personhood provides an entry point for the viewer to relate their own experiences and decide for themselves how much of humanity is internal, external, or in the space between.

Book Arts itself encourages a sense of dichotomous exploration due to the liminal nature of books. They do not quite fit into the world of flat artworks, nor do they easily fit into the world of sculpture. Artist’s Books often provide a sense of removed performance, affording an added element of intimacy without sacrificing aspects of time and immersion. These artists’ works demonstrate a masterful use of tactility and materiality married with concept to encourage this intimacy and draw on the human desire for interaction and connection. 

The book forms and prints in this exhibition act as a vehicle to examine these aspects of self within the body.  We are guided through notions of memory, loss, desire, and relation to question our human experience. Rather than providing answers, these women provide us with a rich ground on which we are encouraged to ruminate in our own thoughts about the spaces In Between.