1 / 30 / 19 Sketchbook Habits


1 / 30 / 19 Sketchbook Habits


Instructor: Sammi McLean

Wednesday,  January 30th 6 to 8pm

This workshop is focused on helping participants to understand their relationship to artmaking, so naturally, the class will be formatted around conversation and a cozy sketchbook session. Students will be drawing, writing, collaging, and talking throughout the class. They will be guided through a series of prompts examining their relationship to their artwork, and the ways they stop themselves from making space for it in their lives. The goal is to offer students strategies for developing a sketchbook habit that they can maintain, and helping them to defend their artmaking practice. Students may or may not arrive with an intention to explore a specific topic, and all experience levels are encouraged to participate.



  • One Sketchbook: Brand-new, in-progress, or so hated by the participant that they want to cover everything in it. Must have at least 20 - 30 pages that they are willing to do all kinds of things to.

  • Favorite Pen

  • Erasable Pencil

  • Scissor or X-acto Knife

  • Glue Stick (Acid-Free/pH Neutral)



  • Other sketchbooks, for reference and very brief discussion. (Your favorite, your least favorite, the one from that trip you took where you were more inspired than ever, the only one you ever actually finished, or any other special sketchbook in your collection. If you have no other sketchbooks or don’t want to bring them, that is completely fine. Please sticky note one or two pages in each that you want to discuss. We won’t look at anything you don’t wish to share.)

  • No more than thirty (30) pages of collage material (colored paper, magazines, book, etc. You don’t want to spend your time sifting through it, you only want to bring things you know you would use.)

  • Watercolors/Ink

  • Litho crayon

  • Conte crayon

  • Postage stamp

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