2018 Print Club Membership!


2018 Print Club Membership!


Print Club is a new program for 2018 that introduces members to printmaking techniques while engaging them with like minded creatives in the area. Print club will meet twice a month to learn a new printmaking skill and then execute them on self-directed projects in the studio. Starting 2018, the first Wednesday of every month from 6-8pm, we will feature a print club workshop, highlighting a new printmaking technique. On the third Wednesday of every month 6-9pm, print club will have an open studio night, where members can gather and create work with the support of a technician.

We plan to kick-off our 2018 print club on Jan. 3rd with lino-cut carving techniques, followed by dry-point on Feb. 7th, and an in depth talk about printmaking papers on March 7th.

Additional Print Club Workshops to expect in 2018:

- Monotype - Screen printing - Chine Colle
- Printing with stencils  - Paper dyeing - Registration tips  
- Handset Letterpress - Pattern-making... and more!

Print Club Membership costs $150 and benefits include:
* A limited screen printed apron
* Your own IS Projects ink knife
* 50% Discount on all Print club workshops
* Application fee waiver and preference in an upcoming exhibition opportunity
* Beverages and snacks during workshops and open studio nights!

Total estimated value $396+

(Enrollment for 2018 ends April 30th 2018. Membership expires Dec. 31st 2018 and prorated rates are not available on memberships.)

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