Submission Deadline: August 18th

Exhibition dates: August 26 - September 25:

Working Title: In Practice

IS Projects will be hosting a curated exhibition of sketchbooks, to debut during August’s FAT Village Artwalk, and we will be seeking sketchbook submissions for consideration. Sketchbooks often house the planning, note-taking, list-making, and introspection which are fundamental to the practices of creative people working at every level and in every discipline. We want to celebrate that common ground, and demonstrate the diversity of methods and ideas which it encompasses in our community. To submit, drop off up to three sketchbooks to IS Projects between July 21st and 28th. Please wrap or package your sketchbooks safely and deliver them during our business hours (listed below), or through the mail slot in our front door for after-hours drop-off.

We want to encourage our audience to handle the sketchbooks on display. If you are only comfortable displaying certain specific pages, please bookmark the pages you are comfortable displaying, and if your Sketchbook is selected, it will be displayed in a way which prevents handling. Please consider sharing your whole sketchbook, however. Not every drawing is perfect, and we all think surprising thoughts -- with this show, we are focused on looking at art as a process, not a perfect finished product.



Safely package:

Up to three sketchbooks

$5 submission fee, cash with submission, or via PayPal to by July 28th

Your name, phone number, and email address on the inside cover of each book, as a bookmark in each book, or some other very clear and obvious place on each book.


Drop-off during business hours:

Friday - 11-7PM

Saturday - 11-7PM

Sunday - CLOSED

Monday - 3-7PM

Tuesday - 3-7PM

Wednesday - 11AM-7PM

Thursday - 11AM-7PM

Friday - 11AM-PM


Drop-off after-hours:

Mail slot is on our front door, facing NW 5th Street

Mail slot dimensions: 2.25 x 11”


We will contact you about the status of your submission by August 5th. If selected, your sketchbook(s) will be on display from August 26 - September 25. You must pick up your sketchbook(s) within one week of deinstallation. Any sketchbooks not selected must be picked up within one week of August 5th. If you are not able to pick up your work, and you have not contacted us to make other arrangements, we cannot guarantee that we will store or protect it.

Please email if you have questions