Studio Origins

Nocturnal Press was founded in Baltimore in a small basement studio during the summer of 2012. The name was declared by a mentor, as a joke that stuck, after several all night book sewing marathons and letterpress sessions in college. Now, after moving to South Florida, Nocturnal Press has grown into a fully functional boutique press and bindery housed within IS Projects offering a wide range of letterpress and book binding services. 

Why Letterpress?

We hand print each color of each print on our antique presses. Letterpress printing gives your design a unique tactile quality that cannot be reproduced by modern digital printing methods. We love seeing letterpress out in the real world so naturally we would love to make some for you! We can print from your own designs or we can work with you to make a design using our collection of vintage lead and wood type.

Books done the old way

In the bindery each page of every book is hand folded, punched and sewn then joined with a hand crafted cover. We would love to work with you to make your own custom blank or printed books. If you are looking for a special and unique gift, a handmade book is a great way to go. Think of a handmade book as a vessel for your ideas.

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