The Mission

IS Projects is a public-access printmaking and book arts studio whose mission is to promote innovations and developments to print and book media by providing knowledge, training, and a supportive work space for South Florida's artists. Printmaking comes from a long tradition of collaboration so we strive to bring together like minded artists to create a community in which these artists can flourish. A healthy print community is a sign of a thriving art scene so our role in Fort Lauderdale as the only community print shop is vital. Each time someone walks through the door of IS Projects they learn a little something about the art printmaking and bookbinding. Through events and workshops we hope to cultivate a deep love of fine craft in South Florida.

The Team

Photo: Lara Rose Photography

Photo: Lara Rose Photography

Ingrid Schindall

Owner / Director / Organization Visionary

b. Delray Beach, FL

Studied: Fine Art Printmaking and Book Arts at The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Specialties: Fine art collaborative printing, bringing artist books to life, book binding, teaching workshops, setting type, sorting type, cracking jokes, carving blocks, screenprinting, boxmaking, making it work

Superpower: Cutting paper and/or leather really straight by hand



Photo by : monica Mcgivern

Photo by : monica Mcgivern

Jessica Condon

Nocturnal Press Manager

b. Mount Airy, MD

Studied: Fine Art Printmaking and Book Arts at The Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA)

Specialties: Everything involving invitations, setting type, keeping the presses happy, paper marbling, making sure the inking is just right, carving linoleum, paying attention to all the details, making funny faces, cutting paper down

Superpower: Getting the registration freakishly close on the first try

Cynthia Stucki

Gallery Coordinator

b. Deerfield Beach, FL

Studied: Sculpture at Florida Atlantic University

Specialties: Installing gallery shows, coordinating with local and visiting artists, writing press releases like a boss, welding (!), growing plants from seeds, getting it done

Superpower: Hanging perfect shows by herself

Current Studio Interns:


  • Tina Van-Zwol
  • Yvonne Scull

Past Studio Interns:

  • Melissa Snyder
  • Nathalie Moreno
  • Sally Mendoza
  • Jessica Foster
  • Marie Claire Macadar
  • Nadia Wolff
  • Aliana Turkel
  • Milo Davis
  • Auggie Mendez


IS Projects was not built in a day nor by one set of hands. We are forever grateful to these print heroes!

Deborah and Michael Schindall, Signy Schindall, Frederic Eallonardo, Mollie Little, Doug McCraw, Jeff Green, Mary Mashburn and Steve StAngelo, Allison Fisher, the Maryland Institute College of Art Printmaking Department, Jonathan Thomas, Gail Deery, Eva Wiley, Kyle Van Horn, Nick Karvounis, Bob Cicero, John Remington Munger, Myron Munger, William de Yampert, Holly Book, Lois Edwards, Randy Burman, Corinna Olson, Kathy Sherman, George Griffin, Nancy Melinda Hunley, Alan Auldridge, Jennifer Morrison, Patrice Cyril, Laura Wilson, Megan Miller, Julie Schindall, Lara Pressburger, Sabrina Carle, Katherine Arts, Laura Guinessey, Amy Cousins, Shawn Edwards, Jason Guild, RJ Chaparro, Jim Travarca, Robert Smith, Jeff Levine, Jessica Condon, Beth Sheehan, Melissa Snyder, Craig Snyder, Amanda Keeley, Lauren Monzon, Leila Leder-Kremer, Juana Meneses, Kathleen Hudspeth, Edwin Beauchamp, Alice Wharters, Brooke Frank, Noah Levy